Barattolo di colore ecologico, al 99% ingrendienti naturali, asciuga con effetto lucido.

Barattolo da 250 ml.



A colour for all your needs.

A Good Paint lets you paint on almost any surface, including wood, stone, textiles and metal. Don't worry, it'll last a long time. Instead of 5-6 different paints for different occasions, we invented one that does it all.  
It doesn't require a primer or a top coat and is self-sealing Made from 99% natural ingredients; it is water-based and solvent-free. 
A Good Paint is an excellent option for creators—young and old—who want non-toxic and nature-friendly colours.  It's even safe enough to eat - though not very tasty


Agood - Barattolo di colore ecologico

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